Monday, February 11, 2013

[NEWS]Minho gets back at Jonghyun with a photo editing contest of his own

Following Jonghyun's earlier shenanigans, Minho has retaliated with a picture editing contest of his own! Minho updated SHINee's official me2day, asking fans to take part in a similar competition using pictures of Jonghyun posing during a Lunar New Year photoshoot.

 "Everyone, do you remember? My humiliating picture editing competition ㅠ The final Lunar New Years weekend special. The Kim Jonghyun hanbok picture editing competition for Kim Jonghyun-nim's sake is open. Keke it's finally time for revenge! For all the fans who were waiting for Dream Girl today^^ Please post a lot on mitu and I'll share the memorable pictures all together. Fighting."

 "Continuing from the previous post ... You all can edit Kim Jonghyun-nim's hanbok picture in a fun way and post it on your own mitu. If you leave a reply here with the details of your edited picture and a mitu link, I'll be able to see it, right? Please make a lot of them for the last day of the holiday and share!^^"

 Minho's me2day update has since received over a thousand comments showcasing a range of unique and humorous edited pictures. Some of the pictures fans have submitted can be found below.

Source: SHINee's Official me2day
Written by: debsayys @

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