Tuesday, February 12, 2013

[NEWS]SHINee will hold a special event to celebrate the release of the third album

SHINee will hold a special event before releasing the third album, their first new album to be released in eleven months.

 On February 12, SHINee’s agency reported, “SHINee will hold a special event at the Olympus Hall on February 14 at 5:00 p.m under the title of Melon Premiere – SHINee Music Spoiler. You’ll be able to listen to all songs from SHINee’s third album, which will be released all over the world on February 19, and hear some stories about the making of the album. This event is to introduce contemporary band SHINee’s third album briefly to some music critics, fashion editors, songwriters, and people who work in the music industry before its official release.”

Through the music site Melon, a hundred people will be specially invited to the event. You can apply for the attendance on the official website of Melon.

 The group is planning to promote “Dream Girl,” a dance number.

 Source: TV Report, Korea.com 
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