Monday, May 23, 2011

[INFO] Baek Ji Young has a crush with Jonghyun

On May 21st, singer Baek Ji Young guested on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay” and revealed that she had a special someone in her heart.

When asked by the reporter whether she felt lonely at all, she replied, “I actually have someone that I like.  People think that I don’t date or don’t want to date so they don’t seem to approach me often.”
When asked to identify who she has a crush on, she firmly refused to answer.  Representatives of her agency expressed, “We saw the broadcast and were surprised ourselves.  We don’t know anything about her personal life.”

Later in the show, she was also asked whether she has any duets with younger juniors in her new album, “PITTA“.  She replied, “I’ve always wanted to but it’s not something that can just happen like that.  I’d love to sing a duet with SHINee’s Jonghyun, as I’m a great fan of his voice.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity.”

Source + Photos: Seoul NTN via Naver
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