Monday, May 23, 2011

[INFO] Elle Girl's June edition special line-ups; OnHyun mentioned

Elle Girl's June Edition will feature the top 100 idol members based on their singing/performance evaluation in the field. Not only singing but in fashion as well.

1. JYJ Jaejoong
Because of his good looks he is often underrated.

2. JYJ Yoochun
because of Xiah Junsu he is underrated.

3. Big Bang's G-Dragon
He is most talented in Big Bang. He is like the master of stage. Really talented in rapping.

4: Big Bang's Top
His 'sex appeal' needs no explanation, like his song you can hear a lot of positive rap.

5. Big Bang's Seungri
He is the member who is in the middle. He is a predictable member.

6. Shinee's Onew
He has a mild (gentle) impression like his voice. His stable voice is like Kim Yeon-woo.

7. Shinee's Jonghyun
Unlike Onew his voice is powerful. His talent might be stressful but it is indeed powerful.

8. Beast's Doojun
Doesn't he have the talent to succeed in the entertainment industry for a long time?

9. Beast's Kikwang
Overall talented in terms of vocals, performance and expression.

10. Wondergirls' Sunye
Every idol group has a vocal representative and she is the most reponsible for that role.

11. Wondergirls' Sohee

She might not be the most talkative person but she needs no introduction in music.

12. Wondergirls' Yubin
She and CL are the best rappers in the field. She practised a song by Nas called

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