Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[FANACC] SHINee after The 4th Super Kpop Live (110515)

- When they're getting on a car after finishing their performance, Minho lifted an I-pad over his head.

- Fans thought it's a book at first and then saw a flash light.

- Probably Minho took a photo of the fans.

Key in sunglasses exuded an entertainer aura.

Taemin looked so cute and adorable smiling in white (red letters) t-shirt.

(The fan couldn't see other members from where she was)

- And this fan heard that at the end of the first round, someone threw a present onto the stage.

Key was standing in that direction but didn't get hit fortunately.

- SHINee and Super Junior had dinner together at a restaurant in Akasaka.

Source: DC Shinee Gallery
Translation/Shared by: jujugal

Team Dubu-Nuha-

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