Saturday, May 14, 2011

[NEWS] SHINee Japan Mail Magazine

今回の待ち受け特典は昨年12月26日に開催されたSHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN TOKYO ”SHINee WORLD”を記念したデザインの5ショットで貴重な1種類(共通)です!


Ringing song ® delivery of Japanese debut single collecting music "Hello" of SHINee started on Saturday, May 14 today!

As for the download privilege, time-limited by the reputation of the SHINee member awaiting 5 shot carrying (from Saturday, May 14 to Sunday, May 15 23:59)

This standby privilege is one kind that is valuable by 5 shots of the design in commemoration of SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN TOKYO "SHINee WORLD" held on December 26, last year (common)!
The ringing song ® is associated with five SHINee members this time, and please check the ♪ right or wrong that prepared for five kinds, a ringing song ® site!

And a message arrived from leader "ONEW" of SHINee!
「I'm looking forward to meeting you in today and tomorrow's event. It holds out to the utmost to do the live performance that along the expectation of everybody can. Please support!!」

Souerce: SHINee Japan Mail magazine /Credit&re-uplaoded: TONGHYUN@Soompi

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