Saturday, May 7, 2011

[NEWS] American artist Sean Kingston plagiarizes SHINee's song "Ready Or Not"?

Recently, Shawols have been showing their extreme distaste towards Jamaican-American singer Sean Kingston. It was discovered that the singer released a song with Michael Mind titled, "Ready Or Not". The song is titled the exact same as SHINee's track, "Ready Or Not", which was released with their 2nd album, "LUCIFER".

The credits to Sean Kingston's songs state that the song is written by Sean Kingston with the production by the German House Music Duo, Michael Mind Project. However, the song by SHINee has lyrics written by Misfit, was composed and arranged by Mikko Tamminen, Risto Asikainen and Will Simms.

When listening to Sean Kingstons' song, it is obvious that the background melody is extremely close to SHINee's. Fans have been commenting on the track saying, "There seems to be a slight change in melody and beats.. but it is still SHINee's song" and "The song has been sean-a-tized!". However, angrier fans are calling for SM Entertainment to step in and make an announcement whether or not Sean Kingston was given permission to use this song, and if so, why no credits were given.

However, the track "Ready Or Not" by SHINee is also a remake of the song, "Girls", so there is a possibility they received permission from the original. The artist for the track, "Girls", is unknown, so that leaves this possibility as highly unlikely. 

Check out Sean Kingston's track below:

Check out SHINee's track below:

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