Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[VIDEO]SHINee Ring Ding Dong at National Festival 290610

Credit : weareshining4 @ YT and dc.shinee and instiz

Okay , Jonghyun,Key and Taemin were covering their hair seriously.Like Minho and Onew , they just wear it not like JongKeyMin . BUT MINHO CUT HIS HAIR , ITS SHORTER ! AND ITS BLACK ! TAEMIN KINDA LOOK LIKE IN THJ BUT ITS LITTLE BIT LONG AND ONEW SAME ? JJONG AND KEY SORRY , I CANT SEE ! AHA ! BUT MINHO HE DID CUT HIS HAIR AND ITS BLACK !! Woahhh! Super Shock ! I CANT WAIT ! - ADMIN

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