Friday, June 18, 2010

[Video] Minho Interview at Konkuk University

[English Translation] Hi everyone, I'm Choi Min Ho who is in Konkuk University, Film Speciality in the School of Arts.
I'm a new student who has just entered Konkuk University this semester in 2010.
Our Konkuk Univeristy, not only has a good school environment and the best faculty, I have also met many good seniors and classmates.
Hope everyone can also enter Konkuk University, together with outstanding professors and seniors, you can have greater progress/development and have better results.
And anyone who comes to Konkuk University will be my juniors, I will take good care of everyone, so you must come to Konkuk University!
Thank you everyone.

Credits: MINHONey, Elisa, 西木, suk , DDOS
Reuploaded by WRShining @ youtube
Chinese Translation credits: 西木
English Translation credits: babyblue @ soompi

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