Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[INFO]Which Idol has the best Quality of becoming an MC?

The idol has the best qualities of being an MC
On a recent survey conducted by online community DC Inside conducted from June 22 to 29, asking which among the idol’s has the best qualities of being an MC.

SNSD’s Teayeon was ranked number 1 with 28.5%. She was chosen because of her DJ-ing skills when she was a DJ in the MBC radio show “Chin Chin”. She was a good DJ that had good jokes and has received a lot of love from fans. Also, she is one of the MC’s in the variety program in KBS “Win Win”.

Second is Leeteuk of Super Junior with 24.4%. Leeteuk is also a radio DJ in Sukira along side Eunhyuk. They chose Leeteuk because of his wit and humility and is not afraid to share stories on the show. Also, he is an MC in the SBS variety program “Strong Heart”.

Third is Minho Of SHINee getting 13.3%. Fans chose him because of his athleticism on the show KBS “Dream team” where he is a fixed member, also he is known for his witty comments on SBS “Star King” where he as all-around qualities to entertain the fans.

All top three spots were from SM Entertainment and the survey closed with Wooyoung of 2pm ranking 4th and Goo Hara of KARA ranking 5th.

credit: dkpop + shakizi

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