Sunday, June 27, 2010

[STARCALL]Jonghyun talks about Roo

This is just a simple translation :)

In the video, Jonghyun is talking about why is the puppy name Roo.
It said that it is name by Minho.
It is because as you know Roo stayed in SHINee dorm for a day,
Then at night the puppy actually poo on Minho’s clothes. XD
Then he said something about Minho’s reaction.
Because Jonghyun felt sorry for Minho,
So he gave Minho the chance to name the puppy
So Minho called him Roo.

*I guess it means something else in korean *

"Aigoo , poor Minho ! Roo poop on his clothes ! HAhA !-MSW"

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