Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[NEWS]SHINee’s makeovers for July comeback exposed

After false alarms regarding a spring comeback, is SHINee really making their return in July? Signs are pointing to a big ‘yes’! Although we haven’t received official word from SM Entertainment and promotional material has yet to surface, fans are abuzz with new rumors that SHINee is joining the summer storm of comebacks.

During SHINee’s performance of Ring Ding Dong during KBS’s World Cup-themed National Festival today, the members’ conspicuous hats did not go unnoticed as viewers wondered whether the five-man quintet had undergone hairstyle changes for a big return. After all, the members also wore caps for a few performances right before their Ring Ding Dong comeback last September.

Upon closer inspection, each member’s hairstyle has undergone a radical transformation – Taemin’s mushroom-inspired days seem to be over, Minho is back to black, and Key’s hair may be… non-existent?

Leader Onew also slipped during today’s performance, giving fans a brief glimpse of his hair. It’s speculated that his hairstyle couldn’t be dramatically altered due to his participation in the musical Brothers Were Brave.

Although this is no official teaser, these significant changes in all five members’ appearances confirm that SHINee will be back on the musical platform soon. Some reports also state that SHINee will release a music video in ten days then undergo promotions from July to September. All fans can do now is ogle the new photos and wait! Stay tuned to allkpop as we follow their return.


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