Sunday, June 20, 2010

[RUMOURS]Does Minho has a Girlfriend ?

The members of the site :

"This is Minho walking very closely with a female and it seems to be sorta intimate. This certainly is a SHINee member (Minho).
Many of you would ask "How do you know? He's turned around!". This was taken by an actual fan, up close to them and it was posted on a reliable SHINee updating site.

Now, I understand that SM really doesn't have any strong rules or restrictions when it comes to dating. And I know that even though SHINee has claimed not to have ever had girlfriends, I know that Jonghyun has had a girlfriend or few in his past and that's for sure. I know that it may be stupid to feel all bad to learn if your favorite and beloved idol has a girlfriend, but I simply cannot help that feeling and I'm sure there are a lot of fangirls who get that feeling too. But, it is what it is and he is a young guy and he's going to be interested in females and it hurts.

There are going to be fans out there who get upset when fangirls like I come along, but please try to spare us and understand, so no criticizing and being insensitive please, I still understand the fact that I'd never get to him anyway, but please, I don't think it's always necessary to bash fans like that. This is more out of curiosity anyway. So, I hope that someone would actually know if he does have a girlfriend, is dating someone, what's really up?"

MSW's :

"I think this is not Minho . Minho is TALL . When his debut its 181 cm , Now its 2010 must be much taller . The girl cant be tall ! The girl's height almost achieve Minho's . Okay i can say that im jealous . The girl could be his relative , could be SM's staff . SHINee and SM's staff kinda close right ? Woahh . I hope this isnt true . But if its true , I hope he is happy with her . And the girl if you make Minho hurt , the Shawols will kill you with no doubt " - ArqylaADMIN

Source ; SHINee nets forum HERE


Asal R said...

Hi,i'm agree with you, he's not so tall and he said: i'm so busy. he said: one girl in my school is so pretty and i want to date with her.
but he couldn't't be CUz he's so busy! so he wasn't in this photo don't worry!

MySHAWOLS said...

Yeahhh , but the fans said this is Minho . idk if the fans are trying to do something bad .

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