Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[RECRUIT]Staff Needed

We want the one who can be trusted and can update about the boys daily . Ofcourse First Admin will teach you how and stuff . If you think you are one and you can do it and spread about the boys , APPLY NOW ! :)
Regards ,


MSW's Moderator

This position is the one who updates about the boys .

Name :
Age :
Country :
How many hours you online :
Why you wanna be one of us ? :
Why and When do u love SHINee ? :
How to contact :
Experience :




Xinhui Mylove said...

Im interested to be MSW's Facebook ONLINER.

Name : Xinhui

Age : 13

Country : Sg

Facebook URL :

How many hours you online : As long as possible. At least 2h a day. But its the holidays now so I intend to be online when I wake up.

Why you wanna be one of us ? : The reason is simple, I love SHINee and I want more people to know abt SHINee. And I can even interact with fellow Shawols.

Why and When do u love SHINee ? : I have liked SHINee but I think I started loving them since the start of this year.

I seriously hope I can be an admin.

hyunjae lee said...

MSW's Moderator

Age:15 (going-to-be)
Hours online:I'll online 24/7!hahah! no lah!i'll online in the morning,evening(maybe) and definitely at night!I'm always free at night:D
Why:Because this blog is interesting and I like it.I know most SHINee's news from here ;D
Why/When I love SHInee:I started to like SHINee was when the RDD comeback and when Minho took my heart at DT XD!I know!so LAME!-_-" I love them because,idk.. they're just amazing!!!:DD they have it all,singing,dancing,acting, say it! they have it! :-)

Junokai Jo said...

I really want to be a MSW'S Moderator and MSW'S Facebook ONLINER

Name: Junokai Jo

Age: 13 (I'll try my very best)

Country: Singapore/Japan

Hours online: 12

Reason for this: I want to be a Shawol wholeheartedly by supporting SHINee as much as I love them ♥

Why and when do I love SHINee: I love SHINee because their innocent, loving, thoughful, appreciative, talented and charming :D } 3rd month of 2010 {

Condition: I can only work 12 sometimes and I'm not sure how long I can hold this job but I really want to give it all I got while I can C:

Glennda said...

Name : Glennda
Age : 16
Country : USA
Facebook URL : facebook.com/genieforyourdream
How many hours you online : 5 hours +
Why you wanna be one of us ? : I want to spread the love for SHINee because you can never love these boys enough!
Why and When do u love SHINee ? : I became a Shawol over a year ago but I will love them forever because they bring such joy to my life with their voices and their bright smiles. These five boys will always have a place in my heart.

MYShawols said...


Xinhui AND Glenda accepted . We trust you so please always play games and more . I already added you on fb so please approve me . Its ARQYLA MINHO so i can make you the admin at the page and you'll start anytime.


Allysha + Junokai Jo , I have to contact you guys personally . Mind giving me your contact ? Facebook ? Yahoo Messenger ?

Anonymous said...




How many hours you online:i online in the evening and midnight.
why:cause i really3 love shinee.i want to write something news about shinee and i want shinee become a famous group in the world.
why and ahen do u love shinee?:i think i start like them since i 14 years old.i like shinee because their character.they are very loving and caring.

i do my best but i mot sure how long i can hold this job

MYShawols said...

To Raja , how can i contact you dear ?

Tharsika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aNIsNabiLa said...

Name : Anis Nabila

Age : 16

Country : Malaysia

How many hours you online : every evening and night .

Why you wanna be one of us ? : because i want to share story about SHINee to around the world.
and i want all the people know all about SHINee and make them fall in love with SHINee.

Why and When do u love SHINee ? : i love SHINee since their debut (may 25 2008) and my love for SHINee +++ since hello baby. because they can sing and dance very well and have a good vocal. there so charming and have a cute attitude . love them so much ♥‿♥

How to contact : http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=100000545230641

i hope i can be an admin and can work with u guys. i'll
give 100% comitment and i'll try my best to be a good admin ◕‿◕

MYShawols said...

Currently waiting for the reply from : Junokai Jo + RAJA FARAH ILYANA BT RAJA PUTRA : HOW CAN I CONTACT YOU GUYS ? DO REPLY .

To Anis Nabila , i have text for you so do reply my pm to u on fb , I am Arqyla Minho .

To Tharsika : We cant accept you since hours of you onlining is too short . and there are 3 person apply and we still waitng fr the reply . . Sorry .

Tharsika said...

Thats during school time.Now I online all the time.

MYShawols said...

Hmm We'll consider about it first since we have 5 moderator in total who applying now , so we're doing a test , and if there are not qualified maybe we'll take you ;) Tharsika right ? Okies ?

Tharsika said...

Sure,thanks anyway! :)

Valerie Wan said...

Name :Valerie Wan
Age :14
Country :Singapore
How many hours you online :3+
Why you wanna be one of us ? :Ilove shinee and wold really want to know more about shinee.
Why and When do u love SHINee ? :i loved shinee since last year.

Tharsika said...

How many hours online:Night and Morning.
Why you wanna be one of us:Well,SHINee was my first KPOP Group! <3 And this website is AWESOME.
Why and when do you love SHINee:Since RDD days,they really were so cool.While their Replay days,they were so cute!

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