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[TRANS] SHINee's E-Mail interview for XINMSN

Korean group SHINee will be holding their first concert this month in Singapore , asking about the content of the concert the five of them is keeping it as a secret and they are willing to only say there’s solo performances!

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It has been 3 year plus since SHINee debut,Member consist of Onew Jonghyun Key Minho Taemin , other than their song, 《Replay》(noona you’re so beautiful), 《Ring Ding Dong》 & 《Lucifer》 which is popular , their dress code were the fashion trend for the youngest would try and imitate on.

Last year , SHINee held their first concert in Seoul & Japan, receive lots of response, every concert were FULL house. On July the 16th, when they held their concert in Taiwan, Taipei. The concert ticket were sold our within one hour !

On July 30th for the ticketing sales in Singapore, it also set of a result of 1000 of die hard fans lining up to grab hold of the ticket! 6000 tickets has now been sold out.
It is also reported that on June 10 Singapore’s “SHINee World” concert production costs of up to S $ 1.7 million, about two and a half hours concert,including wire, laser and fireworks, etcSHINee are bound to meet fans expectation .
xinmsn had a email interview through the organizer Running Into The Sun with SHINee, letting the fans know what to expect for!

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Q: SHINee has come here for many performances , what is the feel towardsSingapore? Any impressive impression that you can’t forget?
Jonghyun: delicious Chilli Crab!
Onew: I feel that Singapore is a clean country, it give me a feeling of freedom.
Taemin: Singapore fans warmly welcome us when we were at the Airport.
Key: I feel that Singapore is a clean country, everyone is nice, and there’s many delicious food.
Minho: I remember that Singapore has got a lot of beautiful buildings , fresh air and delicious food.

Q: For the impression of Singapore Fans? Which is the food you miss most in Singapore?
Jonghyun/Key/Minho: Chilli Crab!
Onew/Taemin: Fans are really warm and passionate! Chilli Crab!

Q: SHINee is currently promoting in Japan, is it difficult for you all to learn Japanese?
Jonghyun: learning Japanese is interesting to me.
Onew: The way of learning new languages is to practice, I believe in the near future I can show that my Japanese is improving.
Taemin: Key is best in Japanese, to me up till now Japanese is still difficult .
Key: Member are all learning Japanese together, but the fastest way is to watch Japanese drama.
Minho: Japanese to me is difficult, I still can’t get use to speaking Japanese.

Q: In the future is there a possibility in singing Chinese song, and work towards developing in the Chinese market?
Jonghyun: if there’s a chance, we will try it.
Minho: It’s likely to, if there’s a chance , we definitely would try it, we hope that the fans will have a chance to look forward to .

Q: Among the members who are most interested in song writings? In the future will you have the opportunity to express your work?
Jonghyun: Everyone is working towards it, it there’s a chance, for sure!
Onew: I am very interested in composing, we hope that in the near future there’s a chance to show it to the fans.
Taemin: I think that member are all interested in composing and song writing.

Q: When will you make a come back in Korea?
Minho: Up till now, there’s no confirm plan yet.

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Q: During the concert in Singapore, What can fans expect from SHINee?
Jonghyun: During that night it will be just for SHINee & Fans wonder performance !
Onew: There will be a lot of performances.
Taemin: Every member will have a solo segment.
Key: I hope that they can look forward to my solo segment.
Minho: Solo performance will be great!

Q: Any words that you would like to tell the Singapore fans?
Jonghyun: Please look forward to our arrival, we will put up the best performance.
Onew: It’s been long since we came to Singapore to perform, Fans let’s wait and watch the BEST SHINee performance!
Taemin: I am really thankful to the fans who give us love and support, please continue to give us the warmest support!
Key: Thanks to the fans who are always waiting for us patiently, we will keep working hard.
Minho: It’s really happy to have a gathering with the fans again. Very fast we will meet on the concert.

Source: XINMSN
Translation by: Forever_SHINee

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