Monday, September 5, 2011

[INTERVIEW]SHINee for Japan Magazine ORISUTA 2nd Sept Issue

[A Korean dish that I recommend to cook is チョングチャン / 청국장 (Cheonggukjang)] 

Q: What song that do you recommend to listen in the summer? 
A: Kiss Kiss Kiss! You’ll be able to feel the summer by listening to love songs. 

Q: Which place do you like in Japan? 
A: Nagoya. The food are very delicious. I want go to Nagoya again to eat. 

Q: Can you recommend a Korean dish that can be cooked for women in Japan? 
A: チョ ングチャン (cheonggukjang), a fermented dish. I generally like the spicy one because of the lactic acid bacteria. It makes your digestion easy. Oh ~! 

[Favorite Place is Tokyo] 

Q: What song do you recomend to listen in the summer? 
A: Juliette! When you listen to it, you will feel like “Oh! It’s a nice song!” 

Q: If you weren’t a singer, then what will you do/be? 
A: Ah, I never tought about that. But, If I’m wasn’t a singer, I’d like to be a composer. Or a music-related career. 

Q: Favorite place in Japan? 
A: Tokyo. When I was walk, looking at the scenery, It looked a little bit like South Korea. It was very interesting. I’m not the kind of person who can adapt to different environments fast. Ah! Tokyo is very suitable for me. 

[to the sun mirror, glasses, clothing supplies] 

Q: What song do you recommend to listen in the summer? 
A: Juliette and Kiss Kiss Kiss ! Both are the best songs! 

Q: Favorite Place in Japan? 
A: I want go to Okinawa. I haven’t been there. I want look at the beautiful sea, and then relax. 

Q: In Replay you’re my everything MV, you wore big glasses! Do you usually wear glasses?
A: Yes -I have several, but to the sun mirror, glasses, clothing supplies- I think the big glasses are suitable. When I came to Japan I lost one. I’ll try to find it back. (weeping expression) 

[The most I like to watch is Takuya Kimura and Yamashita Tomohisa’s drama!] 

Q: What song do you recommend to listen in the summer? 
A: TVXQ’s sunbaenim “Somebody To Love”. (After saying it, then he began to sing). TVXQ sunbaenim sang the song in the summer. 

Q: Favorite Place in Japan? 
A: Sapporo. Just been there once when the snow festival was held. I want to go there again after the snowball event. South Korea’s snow is scattered, it’s difficult to group together. 

Q: You have a speciality in acting. What movie or TV series role would you like to play? 
A: In South Korea, I’d like to be Lee Minho sunbaenim in “Perfect Life”. If I wanted to play that kind of big role, we should study and try hard. But, In Japan, I like to see Takuya Kimura and Yamashita Tomohisa’s drama. It’s really good! But, I think I’m better at playing football. ( Minho won’t forget football) 

[ Doing the choreography for (hello) at the wrong time ] 

Q: What song do you recommend to listen in the summer? 
A: I Like “Sakura” (Key: ah.. Sakura is not summer) 

Q: Favorite Place in Japan? 
A: Sapporo ! I like snow ! 

Q: Recently, the embarassing thing that you faced? 
A: When I was dancing for Hello, I did it at the wrong time. The fans’ expression was like “Ah?? So funny!” They laughed, and I laughed as well. 

Source: lovingbling 
Translation Credit: shawol_indo/shineeworldindonesia, Mrs.CMinho 
Credit: SHINee Forums International (Sfinee)
Find Source: Mrs.CMinho

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