Monday, September 5, 2011

[VIDEO/TRANS]SHINee at Music Fair

Start from 00:28

Ms Yuan : What food do you all like?
MC : In the mean time, how long have you stayed in Japan?
Jonghyun, Minho : 2 months
Guests: Really?
MC : In these 2 months what are the Japanese food make you exclaim “This is really delicious!”
Key : We have eaten all sorts of Japanese food; Tonkatsu Ramen (Pork Noodles) is especially nice!
MC : Tonkatsu Ramen?!
Key : And Beef Rice!
Jonghyun: Eel Rice!
MC : You all really like carbohydates!
Onew : Hairy crab too!
Jonghyun: Hokaido’s Hairy crab
Key : Especially Tonkatsu Ramen. Even though Korea has it, but it tastes different.
MC : Is the taste stronger?
Key : Yes. Korean Ramen are all spicy. Miso ramen has a soothing taste.
Guest : Soft taste?
MC : Ahh.. Soothing taste! So do you think the ramen will be a hit in Korea?
Guest : hahaha! What are you asking! Out of point!
Minho : Everyone should be delighted! It should suit Korean’s tastebuds!
MC : Oh really? good! Then I should start doing this business!
Guest : hahaha! Too fast!

Start from 5:24

Translator : Minho wants to ask Mr Maki a question.
Minho : We heard that Mr Maki is a famous Japanese composer and created many songs that were well loved by the Japanese. Do you mind helping us compose such a great song too?
Mr Maki : Haha~ This really made me happy! Yes Yes, if I were invited, I will sure do it!
MC : I am sorry, this doesnt seem like a question but a plea.
Guest : Hahaha~
MC : Will you really agree to it? I am sorry but if that’s the case, I want it, everybody wants it too!

Japanese-Chinese translation : Minhoney
Chinese-English Translation : Soundtracklove@soompi

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