Saturday, September 3, 2011

[INFO]Article regarding Onew's Family Background

onew’s family owns a meat shop in a market. in korea, the meat is pretty pricey so they earn a reasonable sum of money from selling meat. besides, to be able to own a shop in korea, it shows that the family is relatively well-off. onew used to study in the SM academy and the school fees there is like 50million won per month so yeah. he probably belongs to the middle to upper income family. and if you were to look back on the channel v bags special video. onew actually owns a notebook and 2 ipods which shows that his family is pretty well off too.

there was a SHINee fan who visited the shop before and said that SHINee’s songs were being played in the store. apparently, onew learnt how to play the piano on his own (ie. did not take lessons) as he enrolled into high school. he probably received proper lessons as a trainee in SM.onew is also said to be a really kind boy in school. on a field trip to the sea with his friends, he took a portion of meat from his family shop that could feed 10 people to share with his friends. even though that meant lesser earnings for his family that day.

there are many untrue rumours about onew’s background. the most famous one being his family being a very prestigious and well respected family. about how his grandfather is a renowned pianist and his father works in the government but then gave up his position to invest a business venture with his mother. there was another rumour about how onew was a delinquent kid and he turned over a new leaf after a financial crisis in the family or some sort.

Credit : atlantis-x @ soompi

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