Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[NEWS]SHINee’s Key has organised an Art Exhibition

SHINee’s member, Key, displayed 16 art pieces in Monaco Art Gallery located in Seo Cho Dong. The exhibition is open to public from 14 to 23 April. The art exhibition “Boogie-Woogie Planetary Exploration” was organised by Key and his uncle, who’s an architect by the name Kim Dong Hee.According to the staff of the art gallery, 15 of Key’s independent creations of art work are displayed, and another one was drawn on the spot in the art gallery, which totals up to 16 pieces.
Key’s participation in the art exhibition has nothing to do with any of his schedules and entertainment agency, it all came from his personal interest. The reason for organising this art exhibition is due to fans’ comments online, that Key is famous for liking to draw and his great concern over art and fashion. SM Entertainment mentioned that Key personally enjoys drawing, and this is an opportunity for him as his uncle suggested him to join this art exhibition. The exhibition will end on 23 April, which is this saturday

original news from 10asia
kor-chi from shineebaidu
trans chi-eng by rong @ WRS

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