Thursday, April 21, 2011

[OFFICIAL]Minho Message on SHINee Japan Mobile Site

こんにちは〜ミンホです. 僕はこれから日本語のレッスンです。 日本語の勉強はまだまだ難しいですけど 皆さんと日本語で会話できるまで頑張らないと! じゃあ〜レッスン行ってきま〜す!

Hello~ This is Minho. From now on I’m going to my Japanese Lesson. Japanese is quite difficult but I’m going to learn hard so that I can speak Japanese with you guys! So ~ I’m going to me lesson now~!
ource: SHINee JP mobile fansite
English Translation: winkme/keycifer0923@tumblr

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