Saturday, April 30, 2011

[me2DAY]Jonghyun update me2DAY !

[종현] 아직 안ㅋ샀ㅋ엉ㅋ 내일 사러 가야지…팬싸추첨있는데로…아! 물론 뽑혀도 가진 않을겁니다 겨뤄보자구 에프엑스팬들 누가 더 많이 사나 투닥투닥(도발)ㅋ

I haven’t bought it yet hahahahah , I will buy it tomorrow… autograph have to draw lots.. Ah! If I got choosen I won’t go to , let’s have a challenge Aff(x)tion see who buy more (ge zi ge zi - some voice to disturb the fans ) ha

Trans emily @ HJIF
Source : SHINee's Me2DAY

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