Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[News] SM Town Concert at ‘Le Zenith de Paris’ in Paris, France on June 10.

SM Entertainment is going to Europe and they are holding a concert in France, Paris for the first time.
SM  revealed on the 20th, “SMTown World Tour that’s has been held in Seoul,  LA, Tokyo, Shanghai, etc, will also be held in ‘Le Zenith de Paris’,  which is located in France, Paris, on June 10th. They plan to meet the  music fans in Paris”.

SM Entertainment is first Korean entertainment company to hold a joint concert in Europe.
The  venue that the concert will be held in, ‘Le Zenith de Paris’, is also  famous as a stage that world star singers like Ne-Yo, PCD, and the Jonas  Brothers have performed in.
The SM artists that will participate  in Paris performance include: TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation,  SHINee, and f(x) are the leaders of the K-pop sensation in Europe.  Because it’s the first performance that popular K-pop singers will be  holding in Paris, this will gain attention from music fans from Europe.
Also, last January, France TV Channel 2TV reported the hHallyu sensation with SM artists mainly.
SM  Entertainment revealed “Through this Paris performance, through Asia,  they plan to get their artists to have global activities using a variety  of networking”.

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