Wednesday, December 8, 2010

[VIDEO]SHINee , words of Thanks on Youtube

Cr : sment

Onew - Hello, it's shining shinee! We could spend this year very happy with you guys' passionate support. It is said that you can check every clips, contents, and music videos of shinee very fast at the SM entertainment channel on Youtube. ( Wow~)

Minho - I also visit the Youtube channel frequently and I can feel many supports with a lot of view counts and comments.

Key - Yeah, if you subscribe that SM channel, you can watch every contents of us at your MyYoutube faster than anyone else.

Taemin - Right, subscribe our channel right now and be with us!

Onew - We hope you guys finish 2010 year very well and support us now and forever. Thank you!

cr: dkdlel0605@YT

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