Friday, December 31, 2010

[INFO]SHINee No More Faces for Mexicana Chicken

@mexicana1: 너무너무 아쉽지만 샤이니 재계약 불가를 통보받았습니다. 2011년 샤이니관련 많은 내용을 계획하고 있었는데 무척 안타깝습니다. 불가피하게 새로운 모델을 알아보고 있습니다.

“Regrettably we received a notice our contract with SHINee won’t be renewed.

We are so sorry as we’ve had lots of plans related to SHINee in 2011. We’re looking for a new model inevitably” – twitted by mexicana staff | Trans by jujugal

It seems that SME didn’t want to renew the contract. There’s a rumor SHINee will become faces for another chicken brand or for a new kind of brand. Let’s wait and see…

Credit : sophianguyen @ soompi

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