Monday, December 27, 2010

[NEWS]SHINee an SM EnT idol group that successfully finished their first solo concert in Japan, are to release their Japanese debut album next March

SHINee made their first successful step to advance to the Japanese market as 24,000 people came to see their first solo concert “SHINee World” in the Yoyogi Stadium on Dec. 26.
Even before their official debut, SHINee proved their popularity through hot responses.

Over 100,000 applied for the concert ticket reservation made through cell phons. Some fans who didn’t get the tickets made a scene by standing with pickets looking for tickets outside of the stadium.

All 5 members of SHINee made grand performances singing and dancing in the air using wire. The audience responded excitedly to a variety of stages such as a turn-table and a moving stages.

SHINee announced their 2011 debut in Japan through EMI Music Japan at the concert. Their plan to release their Japanese album in March has become the spotlight of Japanese media.

EMI Music Japan is Japan’s prestigious record company with Utada Hikaru, Japan’s national singer, as its representative artist.
Miyake Akira, Utada Hikaru’s general producer, said at an interview with the press that SHINee is popular to young people of 20s or 30s, not only to the existing Korean Wave fans of 40s and 50s. He revealed his high expectations on SHINee’s activities in Japan by praising them as a male idol group with an ability to produce contents of quality with their excellent singing, purity, and creativity.

Main broadcasting stations, including NHK, Fuji TV, TBS, Nihon TV, and TV Asahi, and media such as Sankei Sports and Nikkan Sports came report SHINee’s first solo concert in Japan and their debut plan next year.

SHINee will have their first solo concert in Korea at the Gymnastics Stadium in the Olympic Park on Jan. 1-2.

[Joy News 24]

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