Wednesday, December 8, 2010

[FANACC]Another account from a Minho fan

Fans teased Minho about his kiss scene in Pianist, saying "Minho-ya, you said there's no kiss scene"

Minho kept laughing embarrassed with his face turned away from the audience

Fans continued to tease him, asking "Was it your first kiss?" and "How many NGs did you make?"

Minho made an X sign and said, there was none and he made it at one go

Then said, "It wasn't a real one"

Fans teased him on with lines from the drama: "Minho-ya, do you want to go to have black noodle? You can shut it down~"

Minho laughed shy but had fun

Women who lost weight on a diet had to try on those clothes they wanted to wear before

Onew made a dressing room for them with a big flag

Minho happened to sit on the side where he could see the women

so blushing, he turned aside not to see them ... He looked really cute

Source: DC | trans by jujugal@soompi

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