Wednesday, December 8, 2010

[FANACC]A fan account of episodes @ SK recording 101206

A woman in wedding dress threw her bouquet and Taemin got it

At a break time, fans teased Taem by saying he should get married within 6 months
and told him to contact them if he needs a girl, but Taemin refused :P

The woman, Onew's fan, wanted to do an Andre Kim show finale scene with Onew with her husband's permission
(*main models walk in a wedding suit and dress at Andre Kim show's finale)

So Onew walked to Taemin and took away his bouquet for the scene

When the husband came up on the stage, Onew kneeled down, saying he felt he should do so
(*maybe he felt sorry?)

They (*4 with Jjong not present) danced to RDD and Hello with a man who lost weight on a diet and came to show off his talent

Onew sang "Miracle," a duet song by Kim Dong-ryool and Kim So-eun, with another woman

There was an indoor biking competition between Minho and the son of a famous Korean swimmer

but the bikes turned out to be out of order (*so probably won't be aired)

Fans congratulated on Minho's birthday with a cake and lots of presents

Fans also teased Taemin by telling him he'll be a high school senior,
and Taemin covered his ears with his hands and made sounds like "ah, ah, ah~" not to hear it

He shared the candies a fan gave to him with other fans by throwing them to fans one by one in a pitcher's motion
and played with fans wearing a Kang Ho-dong mask a fan gave to him

At the "My Work-out Secret" time, Key made a hit by sharing his technique in the "Instinct Key" style :w00t:
(*the fan says it won't be edited out cuz it was so hilarious! No doubt about it. Just worried it might be too sexy :blush: )

Source: DC | Trans by jujugal@soompi *my own notes

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