Friday, December 17, 2010

[CONFIRM]Music Bank Special Stages List

- "Push Push" & "How Dare You" by SISTAR

- "A" & "Mach" by Rainbow

- "Bad Girl, Good Girl" & "Breathe" by Miss A

- "Love" & "Im a loner" by CN Blue

- "Queen" & "db Rider" by Son Dam Bi

- SG Wanna B & Super Junior (Ryu-wook, Kyu-hyun) & SHINee (ONew, Jonghyun) singing "My Everything"

- Special Collaboration Stage of Dancing Diva 5

   [Lizzy(Afterschool), Jae-kyung(Rainbow), Bora(SISTAR),Min-A(Girl's day), NS Yoon-ji]

- "I was able to eat well" by Homme

- IU & Seul-ong performing "Nagging & Good Day"

- "Love Love Love" by FT Island

- Another Special Collaboration stage of BEAST & 4Minute

   Performing "Huh", "Breath" and they team up for mega hot special dance collaboration!!!

-  T-ARA and Secret also reveal their special collaboration

   "I Go Crazy Because of You", "Magic", "Madonna", "YAYAYA"

- KARA, "Jumping & Lupin"

- SHINee, "Lucifer"

- SG Wanna B "Sunflower"

   Orange Caramel's bubbly track, "Magic Girl" impersonated by Ki-gwang(BEAST), Key(SHINee) and Kwang-hui(ZE:A)

- 2AM "You wouldn't answer my calls" & "Can't let you go"

- SNSD "Oh!" & "Hoot"

- 2PM "Without you" & "I'll be Back"

- Super Junior "Beauty"

Cr: KBS World
Source: soompi

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