Friday, September 18, 2015

[TRANS] 150918 Jonghyun Twitter Update

1st tweet :

Trans : Thank you so much! Actress-nim!!! During the ending, I also almost cried TTTT

2nd tweet :

Trans : Really thank you so much. It's a cool video! I was touched.

3rd tweet :

Trans : I couldn't find Otani ryohei-nim's sns TT- ... really thank you so much. You immersed in the video so well -T
Thank you everyone who made the music video together -T

4th tweet :

Trans : The owner of the lyrics, end with ByeolRu.

5th tweet :

Trans : You mean guerilla event (trembling) Where should it be held ( trembling) I am totally not nervous ( trembling) See you all later ( trembling )

6th tweet :

Trans : Safety goes first ^^ In order for the concert to end well, please follow the order!!

7th tweet :

Trans : Safety safety!

cr : @realjonghyun90

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