Monday, September 14, 2015

[TRANS] 150913 Jonghyun Twitter Update

1st tweet :

Trans : The 2nd surprise!!!^^ Thank you and thank you, because I am thankful, it was a very very happy album (to work with) although I had to stay up for many nights... blessed with luck from all of you for everything.

2nd tweet :

In the middle of practicing~~^^

3rd tweet :

Trans : kekekeke I am now leaving work! ke
(Mentioned tweet) It's become a song for leaving work for the whole nation.

4th tweet :

Trans : The (epitome of) creepiness of naver webtoon is Diet (title of the webtoon) ! kekekeke

5th tweet :

 Trans : huh! TTTT the ending, I did sports.,.TTT Everyone, the (epitome of) creepiness of naver webtoon. You have to see this...the plot twist...oh yo....please forgive me the two writers TTT

cr : @realjonghyun90

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