Monday, September 15, 2014

[NEWS] Jonghyun apologizes in response to criticism about his attitude to HaHa on 'Infinity Challenge' + HaHa responds

SHINee's Jonghyun apologized in response to criticism about his attitude toward HaHa.

HaHa had become a 1-day DJ as a special for 'Infinity Challenge' along with Jonghyun on Jonghyun's radio show 'Blue Night'. The pair are close and had just fooled and joked around with each other on the radio, but some viewers thought Jonghyun was being rude to HaHa, who was his sunbae and hyung. Viewers took to the 'Infinity Chellenge' viewer board and complained that Jonghyun was being rude.

In response, Jonghyun tweeted, "After 'Infinity Challenge' was aired, I heard a lot of criticism. I'm close with HaHa hyung, so I got excited and I made viewers uncomfortable without even realizing it. I'm sorry to all the fans who love 'Infinity Challenge', and I'm sorry to all the 'Blue Night' family. I'll apologize separately to HaHa hyung, as well."

He added, "The radio special continued next week as well, so please keep watching! I learned a lot through this broadcast. I'm sorry once again! Please show a lot of love to 'Blue Night' and 'Infinity Challenge'."

However, HaHa himself didn't seem to think Jonghyun had been rude at all - in fact, he didn't even seem to be aware there was a controversy! When he saw Jonghyun's apology, he responded to him on Twitter and said, "@realjonghyun 90 What?? What's going on??".

A bit later, he tweeted in Jonghyun's defense, saying, "I guess people misunderstood Jonghyun~^^ As Jonghyun said, we're very close, and since it was a variety show, we tried to make it fun. I guess some people felt uncomfortable watching those parts.. Jonghyun did his best~ Everyone~ Please love Jonghyun~^^ SHINee is the best~!! Hehehe".

Credit : allkpop

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