Sunday, September 21, 2014

[TRANS] Naver Music Review on Taemin's 1st Mini Album 'ACE'

Contemporary Package Showcasing K-Pop Now

It’s an impressive solo debut. Beginning with slow jam style title ‘Ace’ through ‘Danger’ to the last song ‘Play Me’, it’s no exaggeration to say it is hard to find fault with this album in the completeness of song and the singer’s talent and capability. The highlight is ‘Danger’, a song that can match up with SHINee’s representative song ‘Sherlock.’ Sleek, flowing, and even speedy, this  convincingly arranged song can be assessed as a certain climax K-Pop can reach. It makes much of multi-layered tracks, in which you can recognize the composer Thomas Troelsen’s excellent sense. The album is also diverse in genre. Slow jam songs ‘Ace’ and ‘Play Me’ begin and end the album, while it is balanced with electro pop ‘Danger’ and extended with the funky rhythm of ‘Wicked’. Well, this album did its best to give the impression of ‘contemporary’ with the six songs, and did it right once again in image as well as in sound. It is an album that shows what K-Pop is with “catchy tunes, good singing, attractive bodies, cool clothes, mesmerizing movements, and other attractive attributes in a nonthreatening, pleasant package” as defined by Korean Studies scholar John Lie. (Written by BST)

Completing A Boy’s Growing-Up History

Sometimes I look back on SHINee’s career.
Every time, I imagine how pleased old SHINee members would be that when young, they kept getting such good music, singing nice songs and making nice performances. Of all the idol groups I know, SHINee is writing the most remarkable career.
It is the same with this album. Taemin hasn’t been noticed musically as a SHINee member, but this album will become his turning point.  His music and vocal is winning acclaim. It also completes Taemin’s ‘growing-up history’.
Besides, what is noticeable is the name Deez in the credit for high quality slow jam ‘Ace’.
SHINee’s and Taemin’s music, with Jinbo and Deez joining in, is sure to be a nice present to fans of black music. (Written by KBH)

Credits: juju, Naver

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