Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[CLOSED] [VOTE]How to VOTE for SHINee on World Music Award

  1. You may go here : http://vote.worldmusicawards.com/ 
  2. Select nomination for Best Album & Best Group & Best Live Act as SHINee is nominated in these three categories.
  3. Filter by continent on top of the page and choose Asia to make it easier to search for SHINee.
  4. Click SHINee then log in by email, click "I agree to the terms & conditions" 'n finally "cast your VOTE"

OR you may use this, the direct link for

It is also a good thing and needed if you trend #WMASHINee on your tweet. Put it at the end of you tweet without any number or etc. 

Made by : MYShawols

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