Sunday, May 25, 2014

[MYSHAWOLS]SHINee's 6th Year Anniversary Giveaway Event Winners !

As you all know, our project for SHINee's 6th Anniversary was a giveaway event. We would like to thank all the participants. Thank you for your participation. It was a great and awesome reasons why you love SHINee. But as we promised, there'll be only one winner and two consolation winners. First of all, we would like to congratulate to those who win, and to those who did not, please don't be sad and make sure you'll join our future project such as donation and etc. We chose the best tweet and did the voting in our group, nine female SHINee World have voted for the winner fair and square. Congratulations again to the winner and congratulations for making us touched because of your reasons of your SHINee's favourite era. Each and one of you actually made us smile but still we have to stick to the rules aren't we? We honestly hope that SHINee would actually read your tweet but its hard isn't it? But always stay tune! We'll try our best to get close to SHINee as close as possible. We'll try our best to do more awesome projects for SHINee ! CONGRATULATIONS !


#MYShawols Lucifer era, because I just can't take my eyes out of them. They are like a fire ball that will explode in hotness in any minute yet they remain humble though the love and attention they recieved were overflowing.

CONSOLATION PRIZE WINNER (in no particular order) 

  1. @aidanayla
  2. @areqielahh

Dear winners,
Please kindly claim your prize by emailing us at . Prize must be claimed within 48 hours .

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