Sunday, May 18, 2014

[Twitter] 140518 Taemin in Goong cast update

Jang Yoo Jun: Thank you for sticking around until the end! What do you think about our interaction? It's sad to part with Taemin but Goong itself isn't ending yet, so please continue your support! And also, I will be performing with Tritops tomorrow! At Shinokubo Showbox!!

Kim Bomin: Today is Crown Prince Taemin and Yoojun Yul's final performance!! You've worked hard~ Let's hwaiting until the laat moment!!!^^

Lee Jun Nyoung: Today is Taemin's last performance~ You've done well and worked hard all this time~ Let's be strong until the end!! ^^

Lee Jun Nyoung: Today is the day of Taemin's final performance. It was probably a happy performance for Taemin who performs while being loved by so many people~ Please suppport Taemin and Goong a lot until the end!^^

Lee Jun Nyoung:The final ultra power herbal medicine I give to Taemin Shin. Now then~ Shall we get ready~~ Your royal~~~~ highness~~~~~^^

Source and credit: SFI

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