Sunday, May 25, 2014

[OFFICIAL] 140525 SHINee's Special Message for #6YearsWithSHINee

 Lee Jinki : "6th anniversary! Let’s eat meat!"

Kim Jonghyun : To SHINee World~! People who are like family to me~! From a fluttering heart to a familar feeling, it's been 6 years~

Kim Kibum : 6th Anniversary!! Please take care of us more in the future, i want to say this. I'm bad with words! thank you all, luv u guys!♥

Choi Minho : We first met when I was 18 years old but now I'm 24 years old. Time really flowed by fast, and I'm really thankful that you are with me all the time. Even though I feel very thankful, sometimes I also feel apologetic. In order not to be a disappointment, I get my strength from all of you (*). Thank you very much for everything, Shawols! Shawols are the best!

Lee Taemin; To SHINee WORLD~!! Fans who was there for us for 6 years..and even those who turned into fans after that. I'm always thank you~!"

[Translation will be updated soon]

Source : SHINee
Trans by : qyblingtastic + jalousied

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