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[TRANS] 140205 Jonghyun Starcast Interview

140205 Starcast - Blue Night" DJ Jonghyun, reveals ON AIR booth

“I am nervous.” “I am really nervous.”
“It is correct, I am SHINee Jonghyun. I am in charge of hosting Blue Night starting from today.”

SHINee Jonghyun became the DJ of MBC main radio program ‘Blue Night’ after Jung Yeop.

From now on, starting from midnight to 2am every day for 2 hours, it is possible to meet ‘Blue Night, this is Jonghyun’ that Jonghyun hosts through FM 91.9MHz (Seoul/ Kyeonggi). 

On February 3rd, Monday midnight, something that Jonghyun said most often while hosting the first live show was “I am nervous and excited.”. 
Nervous and excited. However, Jonghyun’s story of trying to be the radio DJ, who became the DJ of ‘Blue Night, this is Jonghyun’, is filled with positive feelings of excitement! Meet right now through STARCAST. 

On 3rd, it was the nervous first day of hosting the live show. We met Jonghyun at 8:30 pm during the rehearsal that took place at Yeoido MBC radio studio. We were able to see rather serious Jonghyun. 

Jonghyun is faintly seen beyond the warning message that says nobody is allowed other than radio associates. 
Now, he is not the guest of the radio program but he really became a radio associate as a DJ of Blue Night! Congratulations!!

We could see the script with Jonghyun’s name on and beyond the microphone, we could also see Jonghyun’s hands. 
He began the rehearsal reducing his nervousness by drinking the warm coffee that fans have given him. With complains from Jonghyun that he is so nervous and the compliments from the PD and the authors that he is doing a good job, a friendly rehearsal time passes by. 

Now at this point, we will reveal the interview that took place only for a short time after finishing the rehearsal that clearly shows Jonghyun’s thoughts of becoming a DJ and his determination.

Q. Do you usually listen to the radio often?
A: I became someone who listens to radio a lot after making a debut as there are lots of times when I go to bed late. I also usually listened to Jung Yeop’s ‘Blue Night’ lots of times. After confirming to become the DJ of ‘Blue Night’, I listened to Sung Si Kyung and Jung Yeop’s programs to practice my tone.

Q. How do you feel about becoming a radio DJ? 
A: The truth is, I really wanted to be a radio DJ since long time ago and I became the DJ of ‘Blue Night’ as a good opportunity came to me. I like talking on the radio so I appeared as a guest on various radio programs and since there are lots of things I wanted to try as a radio DJ, I hope to listen to lots of other people’s stories and also hope to tell my story.

Q. Please say something about the feelings of becoming a DJ of ‘Blue Night’ first among idol singers? 
A. In ‘Blue Night’, people will see my new sides as the DJ Jonghyun of ‘Blue Night’ rather than SHINee Jonghyun. I know the program style of ‘Blue Night’ well and its music style so I wish to show my own unique charm that I can show within the style of ‘Blue Night’.

Q. Is there an ending greeting that you come up with?
A. When thinking specifically, there is no ending greeting that I have chosen but I have a thought that I hope it means something like this. The time period of ‘Blue Night’ is from midnight to 2am. It is the time when it is in between today and tomorrow so to listeners, I want to send ending greetings that contains the meaning “You guys did a good job today and tomorrow will be a much better today”. However, the perfect phrase did not come into the minds of me and the producing staff members yet so I am seriously thinking about it. I am also thinking how it would be when I get the votes from the listeners to decide on the phrases.

Q. Jonghyun’s ‘Blue Night’ is OOO Blue Night!
A. Umm… Blue Night that is like sleeping eye patch? I hope to make ‘Blue Night’ something that relaxes the mind in a comfortable way before falling asleep and look over the day again. (Then, what if adding a modifier in front of DJ Jonghyun?) Umm… Wouldn’t the listeners eventually come up with my modifier? (Laugh)

Q. Is there special song choices of DJ Jonghyun just for ‘Blue Night’?
A. I have a small hope that I empathize a lot with the listeners by choosing the songs that I like and that I listen to often and let them listen to it. Not only that, I am planning to let the viewers listen to lots of music of various genres and also the songs that warms the heart.

Q. We heard that you work on the music a lot during the night and how will DJ activities be beneficial to music activities? 
A. Since the time ‘Blue Night’s is on air is when people usually get sentimental so I think it will be really beneficial in terms of music both to the listeners and me when sharing lots of stories with the listeners. Also, the guests who appear on ‘Blue Night’ also has high knowledge in terms of music so I think there will be lots of things that I can to learn personally so I am really looking forward to it.

Q. Share your determination before the first live show?
A. I am really nervous even right at this moment. I have put in lots of efforts and prepared a lot so look at me positively even though when I don’t do well. 
I will do my best!

It is midnight among the feeling of excitement and nervousness and the time of first live show is coming near. A happy guest made a visit to Jonghyun, who is preparing to make debut as a DJ for the first time while looking at the script. 

They were ‘2 O’ Clock Date’ DJ Park Gyung Lim, ‘’Starry Night’ DJ Younha and ‘SimSimTaPa’ DJ Shindong. 
They came right before the start of the live show to send fighting messages and came once more after the live show began to send positive messages that he is doing well and reduced the nervousness of DJ Jonghyun.

Finally, the time passed and it reached the midnight and the red light lit up on ON AIR sign in the studio of ‘Blue Night, this is Jonghyun’. 

Jonghyun started the opening of ‘Blue Night, this is Jonghyun’ with a rather nervous voice. 
He got calm in no time and introduced the stories from the viewers that congratulate his new DJ debut of ‘Blue Night’.

On the first broadcast this day, lots of listeners have congratulated Jonghyun’s DJ debut. To passionate supports from the listeners such as getting about 10,000 text messages in 1 hour, the producing director in charge of ‘Music Party’ and ‘2 O’ Clock Date’ voluntarily donated (?) the event prize and held a surprise event to reply to that support. 

Jonghyun showed his affection towards ‘Blue Night’ through the logo song that was inserted in middle of the program once in a while. 

It is heard that he participated in working on all of the total of three logo songs that is inserted into the program, which are ‘I Want To Be With You On A Blue Night’, ‘A Night I Want To Listen To, Blue Night’ and ‘Today And Tomorrow’ . The logo songs of ‘Blue Night’ that is made up of lyrics that Jonghyun wrote himself are about the stories that Jonghyun wants to tell to the families of ‘Blue Night’ whom he will spend time together from now on. It is possible to meet the logo songs every night from midnight to 2am in ‘Blue Night, this is Jonghyun’. 

After successfully finishing 2 hours of nervous first broadcast, Jonghyun is showing a bright smile. 
He was keep saying that he is so nervous but he melted the hearts of the women in the late night by singing ‘Don’t Go Don’t Go’ by Brown Eyes (His voice was really on air^^) and had a moment to interact with the viewers by sharing his own honest and sincere stories.

This is it for the exciting story of Jonghyun trying to be a radio DJ, which was filled with excitement and nervousness! 
Please show lots of love towards ‘Blue Night, this is Jonghyun’ that will reach the listeners from every midnight to 2am through MBC FM 91.9MHz (Seoul/ Kyeonggi). We hope it becomes ‘Blue Night, this is Jonghyun’ that is like a sleeping eye patch, which relaxes the mind in a comfortable way before going to bed and lets to look over the day again just like what DJ Jonghyun is hoping for.

Credits: @almightykeybeom, Naver Starcast, SM Entertainment

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