Wednesday, February 5, 2014

[NEWS] Jonghyun takes part in SM the Ballad's second album, 'Breath'

SM Entertainments project group, SM the Ballad, will return with their second album Breath on the 13th.

The original group consisted of Super Juniors Kyuhyun, TRAXs Jay, SHINees Jonghyun, and Jino, debuted back in November of 2010. After three years, the group will make a return with a new line-up of TVXQs Changmin, Super Juniors Yesung, Girls Generations Taeyeon, f(x)s Krystal, EXO-Ms Chen, Super Junior-Ms Zhoumi, Zhang Liyin, and Jonghyun as the only returning member.

There are six songs in Breath, all revolving around the theme of farewell. The album starts with the intro Dear... and leads into the title track Breath, which is about a man and woman immediately after their breakup. I Was Greedy (Blind) is about the mans perspective, while the following track Set Me Free is from the womans perspective as sung by Taeyeon. Jonghyun and Chen paired up for One Day, a song about a changed daily life after the breakup.

Good Thing, Bad Thing (When I Was When U Were) is a duet by Krystal and Chen. The song was made with the conversation between the parted couple, after they meet again by chance and reminisce the days when they loved each other.

Two out of the songs will have three versions in different languages. For the title track "Breath", Taeyeon and Jonghyun sang the Korean version, Zhang Liyin and Chen sang the Chinese version, and Changmin and Krystal sang the Japanese version. "I Was Greedy (Blind)" is sung in Korean and Japanese by Yesung, which he recorded before he left for the army. Zhoumi will sing the Chinese version.

With all of songs on the album interrelating and eight great vocalists coming together to relay the effects of a breakup, SM the Ballad is expected to generate an explosive response from fans.

[UPDATE] [NEWS] SM the Ballad's Taeyeon and Jonghyun’s version of “Breath” to be released on Feb 10th  

Credits: @sfinee, Sports World, TV Daily

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