Saturday, November 16, 2013

[TRANS]SHINee- Official Site ‘Staff dairy update’ 131115

Hello : )
This is SHINees representative.

Shining! Shining!! Our SHINee won the Best Artist of the Year Award at the 2013 Melon MUSIC AWARDS on November 14, 2013. Yesterday will truly become an unforgettable day. Today is such a nice day that we continue being happy and continue crying..^^

I think receiving a nice gift like this on the 2000th day of their debut is because of many peoples hard work and passion~ Dont ever forget that this is not the final destination! I hope that everyone will continue to stay beside shining SHINee until they can shine all the way to the ends of the universe.

With that, lets take look at pictures of SHINee - ONEW, Jong Hyun, Key, Min Ho, Tae Min that will make you happy just by looking at them~!!^^

And especially!!
I sincerely congratulate our SHINee WORLD who have been supporting SHINee steadily and silently for a long time without getting exhausted. Youve all worked so hard~ Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who votes day and night.
Thank you to everyone who comes to the difficult broadcast station in rain or snow to cheer.
Thank you to all the supporters who overcome various situations and volunteer.
Its hard to give replies, but thank you to everyone who sent congratulation messages.

I know very well that your hearts that understand situations which always change and support SHINee are unchanging.

I cant tell every single person that I am thankful, but I know more than anyone else how youve all raced hectically for SHINee, so I sincerely thank you once more.

We ask you to continue to give shining SHINee a lot of love, and please watch KBS-2TV Music Bank thats airing right now~ Thank you!

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