Thursday, November 14, 2013

[NEWS]Taemin reveals a physical flaw of his own

On the November 12th broadcast of KBS2's 1 vs 100, Taemin, the maknae of SHINee, expressed, "When I'm having a solo performance on stage, I tend to shiver. Perhaps I'm so used to relying on my members because we are always together."

Apart from sharing stories of the lavish presents the filial son has showered his parents with, Taemin also revealed his own physical flaws. "My hands are really small, so I don't really like to talk about them. Ever since I was young, my hands have been smaller than friends of the same age." When comparing the size of his hands to the MC's, Taemin's hands did indeed look like those of a child's.

"It's because my fingers are slightly shorter," said Taemin, "like it has some stunted growth." Taemin's look of disappointment and helplessness towards the size of his hands caused both the participants and audience in the show to laugh out loud. It must be these small physical flaws that lead to Taemin's envy towards his older members, Minho and Jonghyun. "I envy Minho's height and big hands, and the volume of Jonghyun's voice." Upon hearing this, the MC asked, "Is there anything about you that the older members envy?" To which Taemin replied, "They seem to envy my youth and health."

Source: kpopstarz 
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