Sunday, November 17, 2013

[MYSHAWOLS]Join MYShawols family now !

As you all know, MYShawols just made a comeback recently. We were hiatus for a long time and we would like to say thank you for those who supported us.

Some of you know might remember or maybe not, we used to do contests, projects and taking orders. And we want to do it again in the future ^^

Unfortunately, we still have some requirements for you to join :

1. You'll have to know on how to use a blog. *But if not, we'll definitely guide you*

2. You need to have these things in your mind .
* MYShawols put 100% trust and hope in you.
* It can be a big deal for those who applying other position than Moderators.
* Shawols trust you.
*Responsibility, reliable and trustable

3. You can apply for any position,
*Moderators [This position means those who do updates on the blog^^](Most wanted)
*Designers (Most wanted and Experience in Photoshop)
*Fanbase Collaboration
*In charge of Ordering (Full)
*Any position not mention here, you may ask us ^^

4. Malaysian is preferable but if you're not we'll take into consideration first.

5. It's okay to be not so experienced since we are searching for shawols who we can trust for SHINee. Things about updating can be taught but not the reliable and the trusted one. As for moderators , the more moderators apply , the more awesome it gets. You don't have to do daily updates . We can make a schedule updates ^^

6. Any questions you may ask on our twitter / / email us.

7. Details needed :
  • Name :
  • Age :
  • Country :
  • Phone Number :
  • Facebook :
  • Online hours :
  • Any Experience ?
  • Why do you want to join us ?
  • Position :

Send the details at
Due date : 20 November 2013

Don't worry. We'll be guiding you, helping you and tell you sources of updates and stuff. But again you have to give cooperation when needed and don't have the thinking of you're joining us because you want to be known.

You might not be free always but our team are all here to help each other. You might be unexperienced but we'll be teaching you on how to update. Joining us can be tough but if we work hard together like SHINee always did, we'll be successful like SHINee too.

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