Tuesday, November 5, 2013

[INFO] SHINee confirmed to hold ‘Everybody Festival in Hong Kong’ on Jan, 26 2014

SHINee has confirmed to hold ‘SHINee “Everybody” festival in Hong Kong’ at Asia World Expo on 26 January 2014 at HKT 8.15pm!

In order to have closer interactions with the fans, this time the concert will only occupy 1/3 of the venue space and SHINee will be having an enjoyable time with 4,000 fans on that night! SHINee will reveal a brand new showcase; performing many new songs, interacting and playing games with the fans in the 2 hours plus event. SHINee has specifically chosen Hong Kong as the last stop. They hope to have fans from all over to know more about SHINee.

Ticket pricing category (HKD) : VIP, $1280, $980, $680 

More ticketing details will be revealed soon!

Source: stars-hk
English translation: eimanjjong

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