Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[NEWS] SHINee teams up with world famous choreographer Tony Testa for ‘Sherlock’

SHINee has been gaining attention for joining hands with world famous choreographer, Tony Testa, for their new mini album.

Tony Testa has worked with big names in the pop music industry such as Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, and came up with the choreography for what would have been Michael Jackson‘s last tour, ‘This is It.’

It has been revealed that Tony Testa visited Korea last month to personally teach the SHINee members his choreography for ‘Sherlock‘. He was said to have given attentive advice as he carefully taught them everything from the each individual move, down to their facial expressions.

SHINee will pre-release the digital copy of their mini album ‘Sherlock’ on March 19th through Korean music sites and iTunes, and will release the physical copy of their album on the 21st. They will then have their much anticipated comeback stage on the 22nd on Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown.’

Source + Image: Star Today via Nate

via Allkpop


SHINee posing with choreographer, Tony Testa!

SHINee will reveal their album preparation process step by step through Melon.

Pic : MelOndj 멜론 @ facebook
via juju_home @ twitter

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