Saturday, March 10, 2012

[NEWS/OFFICIAL] SHINee releases teaser image for Onew

SHINee, who will make a comeback with the new mini album ‘Sherlock,’ released the teaser image of Onew following Minho and Taemin.

In the teaser image released through the official website ( on the 10th (today), Onew presented unique charms with dim atmosphere.

Also, SHINee has been making massive headlines by sequentially releasing teaser images of members, who made an extreme makeover.

Moreover, fans and netizens are showing their great expectation and curiosity about the new mini album by posting and writing lots of messages on various portal websites so it shows their high interest in SHINee.

Meanwhile, SHINee will release the 4th mini album ‘Sherlock’ on the 21st and it is predicted that SHINee will cause a sensation in the music industry with new music and fancy performance.

source: SMTOWN FB Page 

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