Saturday, March 10, 2012

[MYSHAWOLS]Recruiting Members

Please answer this and send the form to under title "Recruitment".
  • Name :
  • Facebook URL :
  • Twitter :
  • Email :
  • Phone number :
  • Online Time :
  • Experience :
  • Why do you think MSW should accept you ?

To be one of us make sure you follow these simple rules and regulations
  1. You don't have the thoughts of joining us because of popularity.
  2. Can speak ENGLISH well. It would be awesome if you know how to speak Korean too.
  3. Have TWITTER and FACEBOOK .
  4. Know how to use BLOGGER . 
  5. Can be trusted .

There will be a test for those who apply .
  1.  There will be two test.
  2. We'll set the time for you to online on facebook with one of the admins and you have to answer all the questions given by the admin in 1 Minute. 
  3. Those who pass have to take the last test.
  4. You'll be tested for two days on our facebook page and we'll see how well you update.
  5. The test is not hard and you know it. Its a fact for a Shawol.

GOOD LUCK ~ Hwaiting ! This recruitment should be settle in two days.

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