Monday, March 14, 2011

[VIDEO] Onew’s Star Call for White Day

Today is White Day. It’s March 14th. Aroooooound eveeeeeening.. hahahahaha.
Have you got any candies? I’m enjoying candies you guys sent me.
Here!!! (pointing at the transparent candies…… lol)
But, It can’t be hleped if you didn’t see what I pointed at.
I’m sure there were those who were able to see them. Maybe…
Thank you so much I’m able to recieve these candies and lots of love. 
I hope all you guys always stay in happy. Thanks lots
Credit: iamaprilahn
Source: 징쁘, Youtube

大家好~今天是白色情人节!3月14号哦!啊,晚上了。。哈哈哈 各位收到很多糖果吧?我也吃了大家送给我的糖果呢!在这里!啊~但是!啊~现在没看到的那些人就没办法了~应该有人能看到吧!我能到收到糖果还能得到各位的爱真心的感谢各位!还有希望各位能幸福下去!谢谢.

Credit: For_SHINee_World 微博
Source: Baidu

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