Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[VIDEO] SHINee’s Message for Japan

SHINee recently recorded their message for Japan.
They also mentioned about them participating in a concert, for the donation of Japan.

Check out their video message! (With translations below)

[Eng] SHINee’s Message for Japan
[ALL] Hello everyone , we are SHINee .
[Onew] We are very worried as on the 11th march due to the earth quake at Japan there’s a lot of casualties.

[Key] Yes , no matter how thought the situation & surround is , we will help each other with nation spirit .

[Minho] We SHINee also together with Red cross will share the burden with Japan. Everyone please play a part in helping Japan too!

CREDITS: CHINESE translation @SMSHINee闪耀星球 , Eng , forevershinee video credit from : sina

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