Saturday, March 19, 2011

[Me2day] Key just updated his me2day!!

[Key] 핑크사진은 보너스!!!! 하하 저 곳에 요구르트를 얼리면 정말 맛있는 아이스크림을 드실슈있슴당! 
English: [Key] The pink picture is a bonus!!!!  Haha if you put sour milk? on the jelly, it’ll become a very tasty ice  cream 
Chinese: [Key] pink照片是bonus!!!!哈哈 往那里冻上酸奶的话,就能吃到超级好吃的冰激凌啦!

Credit: vivz, Baidu
source: shinee me2day 


Cut Ghita's Project said...

Can I ask something ?
thanks before ..

Cut Ghita's Project said...

replay please .. :)

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