Friday, March 18, 2011

[NEWS]SHINee’s Minho Gives A Present To Their Choreographer


SHINee‘s Choi Minho has given a cute and cool gift of shoes to his choreographer, Shin Jaewon. Jaewon then dutifully uploaded a picture of his new gift onto his Twitter.
Shin Jaewon was very thankful towards Minho, saying how much he really liked the gift. This kind gesture shows us that Minho is very sweet and caring. Fans have even said that they like him even more now!
The joy of giving gifts doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions! Birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day, and White Day are great for selfless gift exchanging, but maybe more of us should follow Minho’s example of giving out presents simply because one feels appreciative towards the recipient.
What a lucky guy, are you guys jealous?

Check out the gift below:

Source + Shoe Picture:
Choi Minho Picture: Tumblr;

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