Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[SUBS]SHINee Red Carpet Interview At Super Star Show In Taiwan

Here's a video (fancam) of SHINee when they where in Taiwan and went to a special show Super Star where in they got interviewed at the red carpet by the 2 MC before entering the stage.

To understand here are the subs:

Hello everyone! We are SHINee!
Hello everyone, I’m Onew.
Hello everyone, I’m Taemin.
Hello everyone, I’m Minho.
Hello everyone, I’m Key.
[Male MC] Is SHINee handsome?!
[Fans] Handsome!
[Male MC] Too Handsome! Everybody say you very very handsome!
[SHINee] Thank you. Thank you.
[Male MC] OK They are
[Female MC] Yes
[Male MC] They are very thoughtful. They know that it’s almost Chinese New Year in Taiwan soon so they prepared a few auspicious words for everyone. Right? Say to the idols a few auspicious words.
[Onew] May there be surpluses every year
[Taemin] Happy New Year
[Minho] Make progress every day
[Key] Money and Treasures will be plentiful
[Female MC] So cute!
[MC] So far what they have said are appreciated by many. So far all four don't have a girlfriend right? Do they have a girlfriend?
[SHINee] No
[MC] Don't have a girlfriend!
[Onew] Don't have one
[Male MC] What type of girl do you like? (chinese) What kind of a girl do you like?
[Onew] (couldn't hear)
[MC] He said those that can scream he likes!
[something happened but couldn't hear]
[Key] Good/OK
[Male MC] How about this girl? Do you like her? (the female MC)
[Key] She's so cute! I like her.
[Male MC] Here give Korea's friend a hug...shake hands shake hands
[Male MC] It's been said that these 4 have really good singing skills and awesome dancing skills
[Male MC] Want to see them dance a small part live right now!
[Fans Scream]
[Male MC] They have a really powerful dance called Glove Dance? It's called what? Lucifer? Lucifer right? Lucifer?
[Taemin] Yes
[Male MC] Can you teach us a part so we can move around because it's really cold out.
[Onew] Are you ready?![Sings and dance Lucifer]
[Male MC] OK Please look forward to their performance, Thank you!

Trans:~music cindy@dkpopnews.net
video cr:wsh0728 @ Youtube
posted by:sukira@dkpopnews.net

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